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Hello guys!!!

I'm really sad to see that the group has been on status quo despite our eager desire to produce the art book...

We still haven't decided on a theme, and more importantly we haven't found a good source of financial help to make this project possible.

Do you guys have any suggestion on how we can solve these issues?

In addition, I can see that many dA members are very interested in joining our group, but end up disappointed because of our strict membership acceptance... Shall we open this group more to the public, or shall we keep it small?

Hope to hear from you guys... ^_^ thanks!
Hello guys!!!

After 1 whole year of agony and stress, :iconrinayunho: :iconccann: and :iconcurlymobb: are finally approaching the goal of medical internship!!! XD

In line with this, we would like to have a more active participation from the members in making this artbook project come true. ^^

So far I haven't received any suggestions for the theme of the artbook...

A consideration so far is "FAIRY TALES" or "FABLES"... but we still are open for more ideas.

I would like to set a deadline for gathering ideas, so that we could move on to the next step, which is the creation of the artworks. This will take a longer time.

The deadline for submission of your ideas is on APRIL 15, 2011.

Anyone can contribute ideas, even watchers and members. It is not limited to the admins and official contributors. ^^

I am hoping to get LOADS of ideas to choose from. ^^ many brains are indeed better than one. ^^

To send in your ideas, just send a note to this group account or to my personal account at :iconrinayunho:.

Thank you so much. ^^ ...and it's great to be back. hehehe. ^^
The core members of the group :iconrinayunho: :iconccann: :icondeadxcross: :icontwistedkawaii: :iconcurlymobb: :iconmobbsquad: :iconokiryu: will most likely have a meeting next week... And we'll discuss about the art book project as well. So please keep your ideas coming for the possible themes for the art book!!! PLEASE!!! :la:

If you don't have any suggestions at all, then may I please ask at least what your expectations are for this project? Like what you want this art book to be like and stuff like that. So that I can bring it up during the meeting. :D

I'll be waiting for your replies!! Please do voice out all you want to tell me. Thank you~ :D

At long last I am temporarily free from school work!! :D Oh I still have a research paper to submit but that'll be over with by next Tuesday... So vacation, here I come!!! :XD:

So... :iconccann:, :iconcurlymobb: and myself have about 2 weeks of school to go before our temporary "freedom" begins (hopefully we don't have extensions... Please~)... And hopefully the core members could meet to have a little chat over a glass of water to discuss about this art book project of ours. :D

One of the main agenda for the "meeting" would definitely be the theme of the artbook. Until now nothing has come into my head. I have been thinking and thinking and thinking... But a spark hasn't dawned on me yet.

Most of us here are still students, and I'm sure vacation would be the perfect time to work on detailed stuff without worrying about school work... So I'd like to ask for your suggestions on a theme for the artbook so that we can discuss about it when the core members meet. ^^ It'll save us HOURS if there are options to choose from, than to start from nothing and try to come up with a theme... You know what I mean. ^^

The number of contributors to the artbook is increasing... And I'm really glad so many talented Pinoy artists have shown interest and willingness to participate. Allow me to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

I hope this artbook project will be a reality very soon! :D

Keep your suggestions coming... You can suggest as many themes as you want. I'll be waiting! :D

*note: as FINALS WEEK is drawing near, I might not be able to come online as often as I have been doing the past few days. Please forgive me if my reply will be late, I'll check them all out at once when I'm taking a break from "studying". :XD: Thanks!!! :la:

Hello! :D

As you may have noticed, our gallery folders are named according to the name of artists who are going to participate in the art book project, to serve as a portfolio of their past works and newest works for our group account. I'd like to make these folders more personalized by adding descriptions under each folder.

So I am here to ask you to make your own description of yourself as an artist so that I can place them under your names in the folders. :D

You can make them anytime, and I'll place them in your folders once you've given them to me. ^^

Please send the descriptions to me as a note... Or you can reply here as a comment if it's more convenient for you. ^^

Thanks! Have a nice week ahead. :D